Adventures with MaybelleLiteracy and Multimedia Festival
Adventures with Maybelle, a multimedia contest for students in the North Texas area, is designed to demonstrate the creativity and multimedia skills of elementary students. The contest is divided into six categories: Live Action Video, Slide Show, Animated Video, Photos, Story Creator, and Glogster.

Elementary schools may submit up to three entries per school in each category. Each team may have up to four members. Each team must work with a teacher, library media specialist or sponsor (i.e., parents).

Prizes and Judging: Prizes will be awarded to each member of the winning teams in each category. First, Second, and Third place winners in each category will be honored with their projects showcased at the Maybelle Literacy and Multimedia Festival on Sunday, May 15, 2010 from 2:00- 4:00 pm at a ´╗┐Real Bookstore in Fairview, Texas. Each campus will be responsible for creating a system for selecting the top three winners for each category that will represent their campus. ´╗┐ The final projects submitted by the schools will be judged by a team of judges.
Contest Timeline
Projects must be turned in to a campus coordinator (i.e. LMS or teacher) at a date specified by the coordinator (before Friday, May 6th.) This deadline must be adhered to in order to give the coordinator time to submit projects and/or do any preliminary judging of projects prior to submission to the wiki. The campus coordinator must submit projects to the wiki by Friday, May 6th by 5:00 PM. Entries received after this deadline will not be considered. First, second, and third place winners will be notified on Friday, May 13th.

Adventures with Maybelle projects will be scored with a rubric based on that need to be included in the project. See contest rubric page to download a rubric for your project.

Content and Copyright Guidelines:
Video must be the work of the student team members. Adults may supervise and advise during the project. However, all filming, video editing, typing, and video creation must be completed by the team members. Each project must follow copyright and fair use guidelines.

Guidelines, Rules, and Rubrics will be linked to the following Wiki.
http://maybelledigitalfestival.wikispaces.comContact Information:Mary Carole Strother, Finch Elementary LMS, 469-742-5641 or mstrother@mckinneyisd.netMelanie Burford, Press Elementary LMS, 469-742-7617 or mburford@mckinneyisd.netKass Bates, Minshew ELementary LMS, 469-742-7315 or kbates@mckinneyisd.netLynda Swanner, Coordinator of Elementary Language Arts and Reading 469-742-4136 or